About Us.

Who We Are

We are a community based organization working our best to uplift communities. 

Taufiq Charity Relief Centre is a registered charity organization in Mbale District with Reg No. NCD 49, whose focus is on spreading the Islamic evangelism in communities to uphold Islamic morals, improve people’s health, providing clean water, advocating for the rights of women and children, fighting poverty and unemployment among others.

The organization is  currently operating in Mbale district but with plans to expand to the entire Elgon region and even Uganda at large with our target groups being the Elderly, Children, widows, youths living un abject poverty and vulnerable communities.

The Organization is committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of vulnerable and unemployed people in our communities through saving, lobbying, networking, education, agriculture, health care provision, enabling access to clean water and sanitation, emergency relief to foster sustainability in communities.

Taufiq Charity Relief Centre works with local area leaders to find the neediest for effectiveness and service delivery but relies much on individual savings of our director Mr. Sono Issa who is the vision bearer of the organization. The organization also depends of donations from friends and individuals who care about having an improved community free from poverty.

While founding Taufiq Charity Relief Centre, Sono Issa who based on his personal experience while interacting with communities with marginalized groups with orphans who need good education, good feeding, good clothes, who need to know Allah and the cores of the leaving in a religious way. Many of these come from orphaned families with both their parents dead, others living with their relatives who are not able to meet their needs and in the end subject them to ill treatment, forcing them out of families to go to streets where they get into peer groups of taking weed, prostitution, robbery among others.

We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of children, widows and other vulnerables

The project focuses on strengthening community initiatives to promote child protection in Mbale District And Mbale City by formation of Child Protection Committees (CPCs).

What makes us different?

Our Mission

To ensure vulnerable and unemployed people are safe from all forms of abuse and empowered in their independence to access excellent quality education, community outreach, healthy, employment skills, livelihood and partner with charities who provide emergency relief aid through tangible and intangible support in material and financial support for sustainable development

Our Vision

To empower and safeguard the vulnerable and unemployed people in the community.


Community Based

TAUFIQ Charity is community based, all our programs are meant to transform communities. Through this, we’ve been able to reach, diagnose and prescribe solutions to the community’s most pressing needs. We ensure involvement of community leaders and front Allah in each and every step of our program

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Health First

At Taufiq, we  believe in health communities to be able to transform such lives. The organization undertakes several health initiatives in the communities where it has operations by running health camps on eye care, cancer screening, HIV/AIDs testing, reproductive health among others that aim at ensuring health lives. 


Through this initiative, we reach out to unreached and Non-Muslims with the word of Allah needs going concurrently with the social programs while sowing Allah’s word into the hearts of the people. This enables us to demonstrate love by loving one another as prophet Muhammed commanded and loved us


Sono Issa

Director & Founder


Tabu Siraj

Religious Affairs Coordinator


Musuba Abdallah

Financial Advisor


Sono Safiyi

General Secretary


Sonko Ibrahim

Field Officer


Musa Welikhe

Committee Member


Kayendeke Fatumah

Committee Member


Tamirawo Hasfa

Committee Member


Busiri Shulaim

Legal Officer


Nabisinyo Fatu



Ebaga Innocent

Vice Secretary


Namwenderaki Nusura



Shakirah Bint Zanuni



Sheikh Abdirahuman Muzee

Organization Planner


Sheikh Mwondha Abubakar

Meeting Speaker