My name is Sono Issa from Mbale in eastern Uganda now the director of TAUFIQ CHARITY RELIEF CENTERE a registered community based organization that was formed to help orphans, widows, vulnerable people, people with disabilities and promoting Islam in communities. In my childhood we had a very big family with members where by i used to see my late grand father Sono Shaban who used to feed many people in our home and some times he would give us things to distribute to our neighbors and as they say charity begins at home i proved it from our grand father to what he was doing.

And during Juma prayers, he used to give us money and by then they were coins so he could give us to take to the mosque. So as grand father was doing so, i grew up when i feel pain whenever i see people suffering but I couldn’t do anything and some times i could cry tears and say to Allah oh Allah help me and give me strength so that when i grow up you give me the ability of helping those in suffering.

So as time went by as grew up, I started my Small business called ISSA COMMUNICATION CENTRE dealing in phone and computer repairs so that business kept me going and also helped a few due to lack of enough funds. Time came I got some money from Allah and I decided to inform some of our dear Muslim brothers and sisters that lets join hands together we put an organization so that we start helping those in need while hoping that in future Allah will bring in different brothers and sisters from different countries who will support our organization in reaching the services to those suffering on the ground. So we formed a charity organization and named it Taufiq Charity Relief Centre found in Mbale city in northern division but the situation is still challenging due to lack of financial stability.

I hope and believe that one day one time Allah will make a miracle to our organization to get more funds so that things move very well according to the plans Allah prepared and we know that our work is to make plans, submit to Allah and He is the last to implement.
May all praise and Glory be to Allah our creator.