We Connect People.

Core Values

We are a a charity organization reaching out the vulnerable in Eastern Uganda particularly Mbale Area but with hopes of spreading across the country.

Why us.

Our Values


Solidarity makes communities strong because it brings residents closer together, reduces conflict, and encourages them to share their time and help each other when needed. We therefore cherish teamwork and care for one another


As the organisation, we guarantee fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement as we strive to eliminate barriers that prevent full participation of some groups of people without discrimination along any line of religion, race, tribe and color.


Every stakeholder is committed towards our programs, causes, aims and objectives is passionate about seeing a changed community that values harmony and mutual benefit to survive as brothers and sisters for development.


We strive to facilitate a compassionate and caring culture through which community needs are met and shared values are enhanced with the sense of serving for humanity in need at all times.


As the organisation, we guarantee accountability and transparency at all times. We believe in openness and all our stake holders would hold any of us accountable for the services we do give to the community.


At Taufiq Charity Relief Centre, we don't only believe in perfection but being true to our organizations culture and beliefs of improving community livelihoods without compromising our esteem at all times.