At Taufiq Charity Relief Centre, we believe in empowered communities. Though our different projects, we have empowered communities with self sustaining projects, created employment and improved people’s livelihoods. 

As Mariane Williamson said that ;In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it’. We believe empowerment enables people make informed and wise decisions in their lives, work and families. 

Some of our programs aimed at empowering the communities where we serve include the following: 

  • Skilling programs
  • Powering Start ups
  • Saving groups 
  • Household food security

Skilling Programs: Through our skilling programs, people in the communities were we serve have grasped different skills that have enabled them create their own employment. We train people to do candle wax, liquid soap, shampoo, cake making, shoes making among others. These learn skills that they put in use for their day to say survival. 

Powering Start Ups: Many youths in the communities where we have presence have started up income generating activities through our vocational skill development program. These have gained skills in Welding and metal fabrication, driving, tailoring, hair dressing, brick laying among others. They’ve started their own metal workshops, saloons, while others whom we’ve given sewing machines are currently operating their own business. 

Saving Groups: We have encouraged the culture of working and saving for tomorrow amongst youths and women. We operate in communities where many people believe in hand to mouth where they only focus on what’s for today, tomorrow will come in it’s own style. However, through our several trainings, women have formed saving groups and these give testimonies of how their livelihoods have improved steadily after attending our trainings. 

Household Food Security. At Taufiq Charity Relief Centre, we believe that a home with enough food, will never go hungry and will never spend on nutrition related illnesses in the hospitals. Therefore we engage people in the communities where we have presence and train them in modern and smart farming techniques where some one can utilize a small peace of land to earn big especially in growing food crops and also engage in poultry and animal husbandry. We have plans to give out chicks to farmers so that they improve their incomes through poultry and with time we shall give out goats and cows if Allah avails to us such opportunity to do so.