Going by the saying that “Health is not valued till sickness comes”, at Taufiq Charity Relief Centre we do believe in a community with good health, once people are healthy they prosper since they don’t have to spend much on health related matters. We have joined government’s efforts to make society healthy and wealthy, in this we have launched different health related projects aimed at improving the livelihoods of our communities where we operate. 

Health Camps: Often times when funding avails, we carry out health camps in communities where some of our volunteer nurses and doctors come into the country to test and treat people different illnesses, our health camps are held in conjunction with the village health teams and the health centres around especially for referrals. People get tested and screened for different ailments like cancer screening, HIV/AIDs testing and counseling, eye care and treatment, minor surgeries among others. 

Maternal And Child Health: We join government’s efforts to reduce maternal and mortality rate, many times women die in communities due to maternal related issues, therefore we do community sensitization for women to go and attend ante-natal care sessions at hospitals. We also have interventions like giving mama kits to pregnant mothers who are due to give birth as a sign of relief to their efforts to give birth to health babies.