We are grateful to work with:

 Volunteers who have worked before and those that are working on our projects in Uganda,  Donors who have contributed financial and material support, Thank you for visiting this site and borrowing a leaf from us. 

Enormous challenges require the concerted efforts of different stakeholders.

Aware of some of  our guiding values of partnership and cultural diversity and the slogan of “Uniting to save the vulnerable”, we are seeking to partner with willing individuals, NGO’s, corporate bodies and companies, national and international agencies in areas of information sharing, expertise, finance, materials support and technology.

We encourage you to join us in our effort to alleviate household poverty, ignorance and disease.

Why partner with us?

  • Partnerships help us to share our experiences, information and together brainstorm on strategic areas for improvement.
  • Sharing information creates venues for dialogue on policy matters and forms the basis for mutually beneficial relationships which leads to an exchange of expertise and insight.
  • We also seek to create symbiotic relationships with our partners which foster intercultural learning.

Please send us an Email in case you would like to partner with us or get more information.

Want to join our Board of Directors?

We are looking for additional board members to help us in reviewing, making and designing policies for the organization. Please send us an Email for more information.

It does not matter which part of the world you are right now. What is important for us is your willingness and commitment to take part in extending a hand of help to needy communities.


Amount Needed:  USD 1200 per month

School Fees And Scholastic Material

Amount Needed: USD 2700 per term

Shelter/ Rent

Amount Needed: USD 500 per month

Medical Care Support

Amount Needed: USD 575 per month

Small Business Start up For Widows And Single Mothers

Amount Needed: USD 3250 per year

Buying Land for hospital and offices construction

Amount Needed: USD 21500